Have you been working hard and feel like you are in the Trial and Error Cycle? 

You have tried everything and still can't achieve the business lifestyle with the freedom you so desperately want to enjoy…


 Join me at my Exclusive 
where I reveal my automate success formula for service based business owners. 

27th June 2018 
 Chadstone, VIC
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm 

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A highly interactive event designed for the busy time-poor business owner wanting to maximise their day by DOING the work in the room - LIVE! 

Together we will demystify your sales objections, failed marketing campaigns and business systems as we re-work and re-charge your business growth and expansion.

Over the 8 hours I will personally lead you through these and more... 

I’m really excited about this
Business DOING Intensive, designed specifically for Business Owners who are READY to STEP UP and play at a Higher Level as they grow their business to new heights in 2018. 

This is for ACTION TAKERS ONLY, It's a DOING Intensive - LIVE in the room. 

Productivity - Guaranteed!
Less Guessing - More Clarity!


HI!   I’m Samantha Jansen
An International Author, Publishing Expert,  Speaker & Marketing Strategist.

I’ve created this intenstive event to help you structure, plan and implement strategies to grow your business faster without working harder. 

Once a upon a time I was caught up the cycle too and then I learnt the forumla which gave me back time, I gained freedom while running a highly profitable and successful business.