The Book Writing Workshop was created to share the Influential Author Formula with aspiring authors wanting to write a book.      
Join Publishing Expert and Author of 10 Books, Samantha Jansen

What does the 1.5hr workshop include?  

A simple step by step proven system to take your book from an idea to published in record time.

>  Learn how to complete your manuscript in less than a month
>  Map your story (Planning and Mapping Your Book LIVE in the room) 
>  Plan your chapter titles LIVE in the room
>  Package Your Expertise to Leverage Your Book
>  Insider Information to build your Author Status with Credibility 

Learn about the benefits of Self Publishing and how becoming a published author will EXPLODE YOUR CREDIBILITY, BUILD YOUR BRAND and IMPACT YOUR COMMUNITY. 

Map Your Chapters / Concept  LIVE in the room following our proven system!

Are you ready to become an author?

Have you ever considered writing a book to share your knowledge, strategies and story?
Everyone has a book inside of them. Everyone has a story to share. What's yours?

If you thought you have to be a good writer ... think again. No writing or typing required to become a published author, publishing your book can be easier than you think following our proven formula.

If you are ready to share your message, we have a super simple and effective way to take your story from inspired to published. Your book is so much more than a book these days, it's your business card with credibility, authority and trust.

"Becoming a published author changed my business"
" I became an expert in my niche"

Who will benefit from this 1.5-hour Highly interactive workshop?

Change- makers - Individuals who are ready to share their story with the world to make a greater impact
Business Owners - Showcase your book instead of a business card for instant credibility
Writers - Looking for the most effective way to publish your book

The Influential Author

Learn the process to self publish your book. 

Samantha Jansen

Platform 4 Success and Samantha Jansen Publishing 

Publishing expert and author of 10 books

Intrepid Women - Our latest publication

 An anthology featuring 12 individuals sharing their stories of finding courage

Join us in your local city as we tour around Australia this May 
Sydney and Melbourne, we are on our way...

Sydney - PM Session

Adina Hotel -  Sydney Town Hall 

511 Kent Street, Sydney
6:30pm - 8:00pm

14th May 2019

Sydney - AM session
Adina Hotel -  Sydney Town Hall 

511 Kent Street, Sydney
10:00am - 11:30am

15th May 2019


Waterman Business Centre
       Level 2, 1341 Dandenong Rd,               Chadstone Shopping Centre
 10:30am - 12:00pm

28th May 2019

About Samantha Jansen

Samantha Jansen is a Publishing Expert and Author of 10 books

 “It’s so much more than writing a book, building a presence and becoming an expert, it all about how you connect with your audience from an online platform to offline and building the relationship.”

Samantha is the owner of Platform 4 Successand Samantha Jansen Publishing and creator of the Influential Author Formula. Driven by her personal purpose to help people share their story to inspire and lead people globally.  

​"Over the last 6 years we have hosted and delivered over 250 workshops nationally and internationally along with 10 books launches, I am super excited to be coming to your local city in May and June. 

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